Christmas Cards


We are delighted to launch our 2017 Christmas Card selection.
This year’s cards are by a range of local photographers including Tony Brierton, Aidan Flynn & Oisin Mcfarland Smith.
We are also delighted to announce that two of the images are by Aoife McNulty who has shared her own Cancer experience with us below.
The cards are now on sale in our online shop here: 

Read Aoife’s story below…

Aoife’s Story:

‘My name is Aoife. I am 46 years old, mum of three children. A son 12 two daughters 14 & 17!
I met my husband through mutual friends while he was a Fire Fighter and the rest is history we are 18 years married last Friday & I was in having my Herceptin dose that day.

I got into photography purely by accident! It started off when we started our business Bray Adventures we started having unusual visitors while out kayaking – The Three Dolphins! I tried to catch pictures & videos of them then I would capture sunrises from the beach or the harbour and the Great snow of 2010 we had never seen snow on the beach before so I was lucky to capture the sunrise and the snow. My video of the Bray Tornado went viral and I was on the six oclock RTE news and from this my facebook page grew. Since then i have just blossomed with my photography of Bray Sunrises & moon rises through the encouragement of my followers some come from far and near people who grew up here but moved abroad love seeing pictures of Bray and bray head!
I love the gym thats where I get my “me time” headphones on and weights are my ideal date night! Last year I had major knee surgery and
couldnt walk for 4 weeks then on crutches for a few months. I used to wear Wonder Woman tshirts as a motivation thing for myself little did I know I was gonna need it more than ever! I had just gotten back to my best fitness level when the news came!
I was diagnosed with Breast cancer in February and on Daffodil Day I was attending my first chemo session, so I felt I needed to let my followers know and share my news and the response was unreal the messages of support was very heart warming and hasn’t stopped – every time I post an update of my journey I get so much support and encouragement. I have had people call with amazing thoughtful gifts – one lady who had also had breast cancer made a box of goodies specially chosen for me – organic creams, body wash, ginger for nausea etc..
I just feel I am very blessed with my family and the support from people that I wanted to give something back to the people of Bray and beyond by supporting The Purple House who help others not as lucky as me who don’t have the support network I have and I am sure a day will come where I may need an extra hand of support to know you are there is encouraging.
I have been greeted on the streets & even in the hospital by strangers who have found it very encouraging to see my progress and my possitive attitude has touched them, I had no idea it would but glad to have gotten some good out of it!
I have had chemo finished in July and just 4 weeks post mastectomy and total lymph clearance on my right side my next step is radio therapy in October. Currently having my tissue expander filled gradually. I am back in the gym and walking now taking it slow though no weights just yet!’

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  • Nuala Bourke |

    Your such an inspiration to everyone Aoife and with you Positive mental attitude your going to get through this , love seeing your photography and following your progress. Although I am lucky enough not to have cancer I feel it has made you and even stronger and more powerful person not just for you but for everyone liking for a little light at the end of a tunnel. Keep going xxxc