Annual Report of National Cancer Registry shows that demands on Cancer Support Services will increase


Director of National Cancer Registry Dr. Harry Comber says:

“The large, and growing, number of cancer survivors in our community will have major implications for cancer support services in the coming years”

Purple House Cancer Support welcome the findings of the latest report from the National Cancer Registry, which shows that Cancer survival rates are improving.  This means that the high demands currently on our Cancer support services will increase in the coming years.


Purple House Cancer Support have experienced a huge increase in the demand for our psycho-social support services, with over 2,033 people accessing our services in 2014 alone.

During the same period, the charity provided 2,246 Cancer Support Sessions in our Drop-In Support Centre in Bray, Co. Wicklow and also in our Outreach Support Clinic in Dun Laoghaire, Co. Dublin.

Purple House Cancer Support are now calling on the Government to take a pro-active role in ensuring the needs of everyone affected by Cancer are met, by providing an adequate funding stream to Purple House Cancer Support.

CEO of Purple House Cancer Support Ms. Veronica O’Leary says:

 ‘The findings of the National Cancer Registry report reflect what we are experiencing here at the front line of community level Cancer Support at Purple House. With survival rates from Cancer on the increase, we are calling on the Government to provide us with an adequate funding stream in order to continue to provide essential psycho-social support services to people affected by Cancer’

The full report from the National Cancer Registry can be viewed here






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